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Boating is great, but boating with friends is better. MBYC is here to help you build your network of boating friends and boating knowledge. We have cruises, education programs, a power regatta program, outstations, reciprocal docks and most importantly, friendly members.  

Cruises - We have three holiday weekend cruises to our crown jewel Port Ludlow Outstation each summer.  We also have cruises around the sound in the winter, spring, and summer.  Our tradition is to have a Canadian Cruise in July and a Roche Harbor Cruise in August. 

Connections - Cruising is not always so organized. Probably the best part of membership at MBYC is connecting with other members.  Travelling with experienced companions adds to your fun and safety.  Whether you are new to the locks, an anchorage, crossing the Straits, heading to Desolation Sound or transiting the rapids on your way to Princess Louisa Inlet, it is good to travel with experienced boaters who are there to help. Our members, like you, are eager to share their experiences.  You will learn so much from the people you'll meet.

Outstations -  We have have our own dock space nearby at Port Ludlow, Winslow and Tacoma.  We also have dock space in the islands at Salt Spring Island,  Deer Harbor, Friday Harbor, Port Browning, Port of Sidney, and Mill Bay Marina.  The best part of outstation use is meeting up with other MBYC members.  You don't know who you'll run into, but everyone is always welcome at 5 o' clock.

Reciprocals - MBYC offers dock space in Bellevue for use of members of visiting clubs.  In return we can use dock space designated for reciprocal moorage at nearly 60 different yacht clubs from Nanaimo to Olympia. 

Power Regatta - Chart a 14-18 mile course and predict the time it will take.  Did I mention you cannot use any electronics when you test your prediction?  The best will run within 30 seconds of their prediction.   But nobody loses when you get out and use your boat in the off season and socialize.

Education - You can learn a lot at MBYC.  Learning opportunities range from formal engine maintenance classes, to impromptu knot tying lessons, or just listening to war stories at Happy Hour.